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The Way of the Spirit 

We are thrilled to be a new mission partner of St Mark’s church.
We work to bring understanding of the Word, as illuminated by the Holy Spirit, throughout the world, to wherever it is needed and as the Holy Spirit leads us. We support whole churches and individuals through courses and training programmes; we have teaching centres around the UK and abroad, including a Bible college in Uganda.
Despite Covid lockdowns the ministry continues to thrive and develop both here in the UK and abroad, with Zoom meetings being an excellent tool for maintaining communications and training; folk have joined us from places as far afield as The Philippines, Zambia, Rwanda, Uganda, Nepal, Kenya, Ghana, India and closer to home Germany and Austria. We often provide the finance so that people can access the internet and keep connected.  Throughout the UK we have begun to meet again in person both in small study groups and in local centres, though some still provide Zoom access too.
For over 27 years we’ve trained people to become lay Bible teachers, with full and part time courses. Courses are currently operating in the UK, Kenya and Germany. Many trainees have later been ordained into ministry as a result of our courses.
We have been going to Uganda for over 20 years and have held many 2-4 week Bible conferences. As well as Ugandans, students come from Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, Zambia and The Congo; we’ve built good relationships with them and churches across these regions, where we have also ministered over the years. In 2021 we purchased a five acre plot of land about 20 miles north of Kampala, Uganda; building is well underway to create a Bible college campus there.  St Mark’s kindly contributed to the building project.

 Plan (002)

The new syllabus is currently being considered for approval by the Ugandan Government and shortly we will be registered as a non-government organisation (NGO) with them.  By the summer we hope we can begin teaching face to face once more! 
Thank you so much for your prayers and support.
Robert Clifford, a member of St Mark's, is one of the directors.
The Way of the Spirit, UK Registered Charity: 1110648 | website