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Since 2000, FUNDUKUPHILA has been St Mark’s mission link with a group of people in Pietermaritzburg in South Africa. 
We support two foster families who care (permanently or temporarily pending adoption) for children orphaned, abandoned, with HIV/AIDS or disabilities or who may be suffering from drug or alcohol withdrawal symptoms because their mothers were addicts.
Money is raised by the sale of hand-made greetings cards throughout the year, by donations large and small and by fund-raising teas and lunches.  The funds raised are added to those donated by St Mark's and sent directly to South Africa for the immediate benefit of the foster families.
A beneficial exchange rate in South Africa continues to make a great difference to the families where domestic needs (which we take for granted at low prices here) cost so much more, especially for large families with additional needs.
The families tell us that what St Mark’s sends always makes such a big difference to them and that usually the periodic payments arrive just at the right time for essential expenditure or urgent need.  
The e-mail links we have with the families enable St Mark’s to respond speedily to any urgent prayer requests the families may have.
The mission link is coordinated by Anne and Graham Rumney who can be contacted via the church office.