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The Flyers International Partnership Trust supports the social, educational and outreach work of partners in Moldova.  Their main partner is a Non-Governmental Organisation called AO Neemia, based in the northern village of Cobani, which is typical of small, subsistence communities in the country. Neemia has set up a community centre from which it operates many projects, including providing hot meals to elderly people, donating resources to poor families as well as running social and educational groups for children and young people.

Victor on the job

Rob & Jo Allen from our congregation have been key workers with the Trust for many years and have made dozens of visits to Moldova. In May 2019, a team from St Mark’s went to Cobani to help with Neemia’s work, to learn more about what they do and find out how our church can support their ministry.

If you would like to know more, visit the Trust’s website or e-mail
2019 Team