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Covid-19 coming out of lockdown

Latest update - 19 July 2021
What to expect at church as we move to the final step out of lockdown

From today onwards there will be a number of changes at church in line with the new government guidance:

  • There will be no requirement to wear a face covering in church, but you can continue to wear one if this makes you more comfortable.
  • Test and trace registration (both QR code and sign-in sheets) will be removed.
  • Hand sanitiser will remain available as you enter church and as you go up for Communion, but its use will be optional.
  • There is no need to socially distance, but if you prefer to not have someone in the seats next to you please put your jacket, bag or something similar on the chairs to keep them free.
  • Communal singing at all services will recommence . 
  • There will be no change to the layout of chairs at this time, which will be reviewed over the coming weeks.  We also plan to return the bibles to the chairs at some point soon.

For anyone taking communion at our midweek and 8:30 services, you will see some changes to that too and these will be explained at the time; the next 10:30 communion service is not until mid-September.
As Richard, our vicar, said on Sunday we are all part of the church family and we need to be respectful of how others may feel. There will be some who are raring to go and others will be more cautious, but what we want to make clear is that everyone is welcome and we hope very much you can join us soon.  If you are not yet ready to come back in-person, services will continue to be livestreamed (except for outdoor services) and we have no plans to stop that.
There is a webpage made available by both the Government and the Church of England with help for anyone who finds the prospect of lockdown lifting difficult. Do have a look for your own benefit or pass it on to anyone else you know who may find it beneficial.
This is a time of transition and you will hear more of what we hope to do in the autumn over the coming weeks. It is exciting to begin to plan for the new term! We hope very much you can be a part of things, some of which will require lots of pairs of hands. But everything needs to be underpinned by prayer, so please join us in praying for our town and our church and all that God has in store!